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INTRODUCING Annie & Amy's  latest CD  called "Wyoming Where I Belong"" plus a bonus song called "Rejoice."  

Also Wyoming Where I Belong T-shirts worn in various countries Both Men & Women's sizes fitted so get one size larger.

Symphony Concert

Annie & Amy perform with The Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra their New Song written especially for Cheyenne's Celebration! Ty Warner fellow songwriter of Cheyenne Anthem also performed.

SEE their music Video of The Cheyenne Song (Anthem)


Yes Annie & Amy performed for Former President Ronald Reagan...  Beverly Hills, CA 

 These girls won the hearts of our Military troops with their music! .. USO Tour in Puerto Rico 

I just witnessed the coming together of Nations (Russia & The US) with your Show...producer of 60 Minutes II

Best Female Duo We've Seen... USA Today

Your Wyoming Where I Belong Song reminds me of home...Radio DJ in Romania

Just Because

Crimson in Carmel

This is Crimson in Carmel. From Time to time Photos will appear sharing fun times with friends and family... so keep a look out....

Warmly,   Annie & Amy


WYOMING WHERE I BELONG, The Song written for Wyoming is soon to be the additional State Song of Wyoming!

FEBRUARY 2018: Annie & Amy will be performing the Wyoming Song for the State Legislature with the All City Children's Choir. The Bells are Ringing Now!

Story Behind the Music

Annie & Amy won the Gong SHOW as little girls!

Toured the world on USO Tours to Alaska, Caribbean, CUBA, Puerto Rico. Headlined Cruise Ships to Turkey, Greece, Panama.

Graduated from Stanford University. 

Appeared on National Television Commercials: McDonalds: Heineken: Microsoft: American Electric

Received International Music Award for Soon to Be WYOming's State Song